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I can talk about how amazing Adam is for hours. He takes the time to asses just what's going on with your body, explains what he's doing, and how together you're going to fix it. Adam is so knowledgeable in his practice, and is very passionate about his work. So glad I can come see Adam to keep my body moving the way it should. If anything feels sore, limited, tight, or not right go see Adam. Highly recommend him. Two thumbs up!!
Melissa, Regina SK
I had lower back pain for as long as I could remember. Adam gave me some exercise to do, and worked on my back. After a few month's I had no more pain. Now I only see Adam occasionally by choice not necessity.
Ernie, Regina SK
Without the help of O’Neil Sports Therapy I would not have been able to return to sport. OST helped me recovery fully from a full ACL reconstructive surgery, inflamed Si joint, back pain, shoulder issues, you name it OST has assisted in my recovery and return to sport. I highly recommend O’Neill Sports Therapy.
Chris, Regina SK
My 15 year old son was having troubles with pain in both legs after breaking his femur a year earlier. It was a lengthy healing process of 5 months and 2 surgeries. After lengthy assessment process, Adam explained at length and at his level the problems and how he was going to help him correct and strengthen his leg. As my son started to feel improvement, then see his leg muscles fill out the less he complained of aches and pains. Now a year later, he had the confidence in his leg to join the high school football team.
Alana, Regina SK
I injured my neck at the gym, went to a chiropractor and a massage therapist, but my neck kept hurting. I couldn't shoulder check while driving and it was very difficult to sleep. Adam treated me with 3 appointments and I've got full mobility back in my neck and the pain is almost gone. He gave me some great stretches to help improve my range of motion and helpful tips to prevent further injuries. Thank you O'Neill Sports Therapy for fixing me!
Diana, Regina SK