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Our Services

Initial Assessment

  • Thorough assessment of an injury that we have yet to see you for
  • 1hr of one on one time with one of our therapists
  • Thorough history of current injury and all previous injuries
  • Observation of the injured area
  • Evaluation of range of motion and strength
  • Testing of specific structures
  • Evaluation of related joints and compensation problems to see if they are contributing to the problem
  • A detailed explanation of what we believe your injury is, and an overview of your individualized treatment plan




  • 45 minutes of one on one treatment for an injury that we have already assessed.
  • Objective assessment of progress.
  • Review of prescribed exercise.
  • Modality use ( ultrasound,massage,interferrential current,acupuncture,NKT,PDTR )



Injury Prevention Seminars

  • Individualized injury prevention seminars and workshops tailord to your team.